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Portland Fairview RV Park 1000 Trails

2.5 Stars 2.5 -  13 Reviews  $$$
(877) 777-1047
Fairview, Oregon


Water, Electric, Fifty Amp, Sewer, Wi-fi, Pool, Cable TV


July 26, 2022 - reviewed by Eagle
2.0 Stars   
Another Update For This Park!!!
First of all it’s way overpriced!!!! Second highest prices in Portland area! Really bad Management in fact for quite a while they have had no manager at all! Yes you Read that correctly one of the part time employees had to take over management because they couldn’t find anyone to take the job!!! Running down quickly! They can’t seam to find groundskeepers that want to maintain the property so if you want a nice looking sight you’ll have to clean it up and Cut the grass yourself! Yes that’s right people have to cut the grass on there sight themselves!!! Which brings me to the residents.....just like all the campgrounds in Portland it seams more than half are permanent residents that have been there for years/decades! Most have built permanent structures and put up sheds even! Makes it very hard at times to Navigate with a large rig! Once a nice park but now I’m afraid it seams kinda depressing!

June 25, 2022 - reviewed by Brice
1.0 Stars   
Don’t Stay Here
Gave them 1 star because nothing lower. You can find the bathrooms from the smell. 95% long term people who are rude. Roads are narrow and sites are very tight. Keep going we should have stayed at seaside.

January 1, 2022 - reviewed by Traveling Micks
1.0 Stars   
Lots Of Long Termers
We stayed at Portland Fairview in June 2021. (Forget to write review!). We were given a spot in first lane on left (convenient). This section looked like mostly long term renters (disappointing). Some appeared to be there for years. We were visiting relatives so didn’t stay at our trailer much during the day. Our trailer was new (four months old). The neighbors seemed to be watching us coming/going and checking out our much nicer trailer. Honestly we were concerned something would be stolen. Nothing was stolen but this section didn’t feel safe. Other sections in back appeared to be nicer. None felt like “camping”. We did not use laundry or facilities. Overall disappointing for 1000 trails. We also drove through Jantzen and Columbia River parks. Of the three I would rate Columbia River the best. Jantzen appeared better than Fairview although it was behind major shopping center. And some reviews commented about homeless nearby. We didn’t see any near park when visiting but a risk.

April 23, 2020 - reviewed by Eagle
1.0 Stars   
Portland Sucks For Full Timers Now !!!
All retirees in Portland now own rv’s !!! Yet they all want too remain here and not travel!!! All of the campgrounds here are California and large corporation owned!!! So they don’t need your money!!! Way overpriced! Overwhelmed bye to many local full timers that never leave! And run bye brain dead rude snowflakes that hate the fact they have to work !!! So good luck on finding a space in good old weird Portland!!!

September 2, 2018 - reviewed by T.Mc
3.0 Stars   
A Bit Overpriced
Seems a little overpriced for non useable internet. The spaces are adequate with just enough room for slides and vehicles. The park appears nice enough. It’s a long drive to the city. I’ve stayed there before and may stay again but there might be other options with more noise but a lower price. We didn’t use the pool or restrooms.

July 18, 2018 - reviewed by Joe
1.0 Stars   
We got robbed. We were traveling through and our mountain bikes got srollen They were double locked to our RV and still got stollen. Cut with bolt cutters. Right next to the pool/laundry facility. The company that runs this place dosent care for your loss. Dont stay at this place or you might get your stuff stollen. Im out 1500.00 enjoy your stay here they have no, zero security if your by the highway you will probably get robbed and they dont care security cameras ha ha none.

June 8, 2018 - reviewed by Ed B
4.0 Stars   
A little on the high side. Pool was closed. Park under flight path for Portland airport. Otherwise a quiet park with decent size spaces. Would stay here again.

January 17, 2018 - reviewed by Tyson
4.0 Stars   
Had a great experience here. Staff was very friendly and accommodating would recommend this park to anyone. You Can hear the trains on the site I was but I got used to it and they even give a discounted rate at these sites all in all a great park!

June 18, 2017 - reviewed by Lori B
4.0 Stars   
Pretty & Quiet
Plenty of trees and grass. Train tracks on north side. You can hear trains on south side but not too loud. Clean bathrooms w/showers. There is a fitness center w/new equipment. You have to sign a waiver to use it but they don't offer this info when registering. You can have a code to use wifi in clubhouse for an hour at a time. If you are going to be here long time there is availability for internet hook up at site. Frontier up to 24 mbps or Resort Services up to 16 mbps. Similar cost. You can get mail & pkgs.

May 12, 2017 - reviewed by Patti B.
4.0 Stars   $57
I agree with everything GVPhil said. Streets are too tight for Big Rigs. Sites are too narrow for Big Rigs. $57.50 a night with Good Sam.

March 31, 2017 - reviewed by Jayme
1.0 Stars   
Lived here about 20 years ago. Was a great park then. Now it's corporate. 10 year window on rv's. Turned away just because my nice looking rv is a '96. You have to be rich to go here. Snotty management now. Too stuck up due to age of my rv. Shouldn't be made to feel like a lowlife because I can't afford a newer rv. If you like to be abused and treated like a piece of garbage this is the place for you. My rv was about 5 yrs past their old limit but made exception for me because of exceptional condition. Now I'm treated like a piece of shit. Great place to be abused and mistreated. Drive through park-take a look. Only new expensive rv's allowed ! Avoid this park like the plague!

August 25, 2016 - reviewed by Glynis Murray
4.0 Stars   
Good Park!
Really nice staff. Huge park has all the amenities. Pretty tight spaces.

August 9, 2015 - reviewed by GVPhil
3.0 Stars   
Very Tight Sites For Big Rigs
A well maintained Park that was laid out for Rigs less than 27 ft long. A 40 ft long rig takes up the majority of the pullthru. Lack of rain has shown in the brown grass between the narrow sites. Overnight or a couple of nights are okay. Approach to the park on Sandy RD comes up fast as line is sight is non existent. Be on your toes!!!! Maneuvering the road in the park are very tight getting to your site or getting out of the park...go slow! The entrance to the park is short and if several Rigs are in front of you, you will hang out on Sandy road and block traffic. Operative word with this Park is slow and careful driving is required or you will damage your rig.

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