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Recent Reviews (public parks)

August 17, 9:50pm - reviewed by Bobby Freeman for Vandenberg AFB FamCa...
3.0 Stars   $22
Parking Lot
Pretty much a parking lot with 20 and 50 amp connections. It's SUPER quiet and there are plenty of squirrels, raccoons, gophers, coyotes, owls, and bats for you to keep busy watching animals! There are a row of pull through spots of you ar...

August 17, 9:22pm - reviewed by Elizabeth for Crystal Cove State P...
1.0 Stars   
Be on the lookout for the scary molesters. They’re all over the place!

August 17, 9:21pm - reviewed by Elizabeth for Doheny State Beach C...
1.0 Stars   $185
We were terrified the whole time. Packed with all kinds of criminals and drug addicts. We took turns sleeping at night so one could be the watch. It was horrible.

August 17, 9:13pm - reviewed by Elizabeth for San Clemente State B...
1.0 Stars   $145
Be very careful if you have little children. There are so many child molesters around. I would never ever come back.

Recent Reviews (private parks)

August 17, 10:33pm - reviewed by Maryanna for Yellowstone Grizzly...
5.0 Stars   
Best Campground In Over 5000 Miles
Everything about this campground was excellent! Best location, cleanest bathrooms and laundry! Walking distance to town with lots to do! Little expensive but they did have it all!

August 17, 10:23pm - reviewed by Maryanna for Missoula KOA
4.0 Stars   
It’s A Winner
Very nice campground, clean bathrooms and laundry! Two dog parks, nice pool.

August 17, 10:15pm - reviewed by Maryanna for Columbia Falls RV Pa...
4.0 Stars   
Beautiful Campground
Very clean well maintained RV Park! Cleanest bathrooms and laundry! Only issues is with the size of the sites and the distance to the park!

August 17, 10:02pm - reviewed by Maryanna for Fireside Resort Buff...
1.0 Stars   
Over 5000 Miles and Still Going
The worst campground in over 5000 miles, also the most expensive! Way, way, way over priced? Do yourself a favor, stay on the side of the road and avoid this DUMP! Laundry room was horrible looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the beginn...

August 17, 9:31pm - reviewed by James for Deerwood RV Park
5.0 Stars   
Shady And Clean
Beautiful park with great shade trees and close to town. Although the spots are roomy, most are back-in and a few look pretty tight due to how small the road is within the park. Definitely a good place to spend a few days.

August 17, 9:20pm - reviewed by Pinot Dave for Crown Villa RV Resor...
5.0 Stars   
You Pay For 5 Stars
The section we stayed in had 60 foot wide sites with grass and trees. Facilities were well kept and most of the sites were returnees staying for a couple of months before the heat arrives. Of course it was expensive.

August 17, 9:08pm - reviewed by Pat for Sundance 1 RV Resort...
1.0 Stars   
Grump Ass Bitch At Gate
Didn’t even go in the park. Got to the gate and had to call in numerous times over the intercom until finally a girl picks up and sounds like she couldn’t care less about providing us with somewhere to stay for the night. Very snobby, very...