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Marshall Lake Campground US Forest Service

4.4 Stars 4.4 - 7 Reviews  
(928) 527-3600
Flagstaff, Arizona


All year



September 22, 2018 - reviewed by Marshall
4.0 Stars   FREE
Good Spot, Bad Neighbors
This area would be perfect for some relatively secluded dry camping. Unfortunately, as it is a free spot not far from NAU home city Flagstaff, it attracts all manner of loud, drunk, and stupid college kids. First night here a camp 2 or 3 sites down was blasting mariachi music starting at sundown for about 3 hours. Throughout the night, you could hear people screaming and howling. It's pretty clean considering no trash service, but the noisy people are something to take note of. Large enough area to move if you just can't stomach your neighbors though.

September 18, 2018 - reviewed by Rob
4.0 Stars   FREE
Good Boondocking!
1 to 2 miles of only slightly wash boarded dirt road takes you up around a seasonal Lake. Many fine spots, widely separated. Not crowded. If you want to be near the lake keep going past the first areas. After dinner last night I heard an elk bugling on the far side of the lake. This morning around Dawn I heard a pack of coyotes yipping and howling. Woke to the site of the sun just hitting the tall mountains across the lake. Don't be looking for any services. Just a place where you can get level and hang out

August 2, 2018 - reviewed by Chris
5.0 Stars   
Very Nice
Have been here 3 times. All great. One time a bit buggy due to heat spike. Another time got a bit crowded but think there was a wedding down by the lake that weekend. Nothing to get upset about. Great shade from the pines. Some cell service. Saw cows drink from pond. Historic trail. Saw no restrooms, tables, water or electric but stores are within a 10 minute drive. Easy to get to mostly paved roads with a few ruts in the dirt road. Variety of camping options either set up in the pines/shade or along the road overlooking the marsh with mountain views in the distance. Brilliant stars at night. Will keep going back.

May 25, 2018 - reviewed by Robert
5.0 Stars   FREE
Great Place
Very quite and pleasant to camp here. We stayed here in May and only saw 2 people go by our campsite passing through. Definitely will be coming back here. Had 2 - 3 bars of Verizon 4G lte here.

May 14, 2018 - reviewed by Andrew
5.0 Stars   
I camped last night at this location, it was a beautiful sunset and this sky was amazing at night. I drive a Honda element and I was able to navigate the roads with no difficulty.

March 24, 2018 - reviewed by Patrick
4.0 Stars   
A great spot to boondock
Agree with Buttercup a great spot. Dirt roads, rutted in spots and some deeper ruts in camp spots, nothing our bus couldnt handle (e450 duely). Able to camp near lake. Verizon 4G works, almost full bars.

April 29, 2017 - reviewed by Buttercup
4.0 Stars   FREE
Boondock Dry Camping
Great road conditions. A place for any size rig . Tall pines with minimal under brush . Lots of places for group camping although some spots are rutted. Minimal cell service

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